About us

Única Real-Estate is a company that began to make its way in the Spanish real estate market in 2015, with special expertise in investing in commercial properties located in attractive commercial areas that bring a minimum profit margin, thus guaranteeing its partners the return and appreciation of their investment.

Nowadays, Única portfolio comprises assets superbly located both in the capital of Madrid and on the main arteries of three municipalities within the Community of Madrid.

The location, type, and diversity of the assets, coupled with the lessee’s profile and the low debt ratio of the assets, make investing in Única Real-Estate a low-risk venture.

Our mission is to turn Única Real-Estate into a leading, low-risk real estate investment vehicle in the Spanish market, being listed on the Spanish Alternative Stock Exchange (MAB) to provide the liquidity and certainty our investors need.

Investment Strategy

At Única, we believe that specialisation is the best way to achieve success. Therefore, we prefer to concentrate our investment on a specific and simple target:

  • Commercial establishments with storefront.
  • City centre areas and densely-populated commercial arteries on the periphery.
  • Financially-sound lessees with long-established businesses to guarantee continuity. Occasionally without a tenant, but with strong demand in the area where the investment is made.
  • Properties suitable for alternative uses to the current ones, to make sure that, if a lessee leaves, they can be rented to operators of different industries.
  • Core investment in the capital of Madrid or major municipalities in the Community of Madrid.
  • At subsequent stages, selection of cities to invest in having a population of at least 1.5 million inhabitants in their metropolitan area.

Our values

Above all, we look after the investment of our investors and partners. The executive team’s members themselves are major partners of Única Real-Estate:

  1. 1

    We are committed to transparency and integrity as a means to build up trust among our investors and clients. The commitments made to our investors are always the first priority on our daily agenda.

  2. 2

    We permanently manage risk with extreme caution, by selecting assets with clearly-defined profiles, through portfolio diversification, where the weight of no asset can exceed 15% of our portfolio, and a very moderate leverage ratio, below 40% of the total investment

  3. 3

    We make every effort to get a job well done, both in finding assets and in managing our investments afterwards. We believe that the treatment given to our lessees is essential for our business. Therefore, we focus on building and maintaining a long-lasting and stable relationship.

Management Team

Marta Higueras - Responsable Finanzas Única Real-Estate
Marta Higueras
Finance and Operations Manager
Marta joined Única Real-Estate by mid-2015, after having held budget and management control responsibilities at the Retail and Business Department of Barclays Bank.
Melisa es nuestra Responsable de RRHH y Administración
Melisa Bril
Human Resources and Administration Manager
Melisa joined Única Real-Estate in July 2016, after having served at Aplicalia Group, where she built her career as head of the HR and Administration Department.
Andrés Femia
Managing Director
With vast experience in the real estate business, Andrés joined Única after having held offices at Metrovacesa as Finance and Strategy Manager and, previously, as Financial Restructuring Manager.
Eduardo Paraja
Chief Executive Officer
Eduardo has over xx years of experience in the real estate business, having previously served as a managing director at Metrovacesa and as an external consultant at Habitat Inmobiliaria.

Company’s Brief History


Stock exchange listing

Start of trading on MAB at a price of €25.2 per share

Capital Increase

An increase by € 4.76 million.

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition of 2 assets for a total value of € 1.78 million.


Financing of 3 assets under 3 transactions amounting to € 1.17 million.


Capital Increase

An increase by € 5.5 million.

Transformation into a Limited Company (S.A.) and an REIT

The company availed itself of the REIT tax regime with retroactive effects within the year.

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition of 11 assets for a total value of € 12 million.


Financing of 10 assets under 10 transactions amounting to € 4.5 million. 
Concluding negotiations to finance 2 properties for an amount of € 0.9 million.


Capital Increase

An increase by € 5.0 million.

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition of 6 assets for a total value of € 8.4 million.


Financing of 4 assets under 4 transactions amounting to € 2.0 million.


Financing of 4 assets under 4 transactions amounting to € 2.0 million.


Capital Increase

Two increases for a total of € 9.2 million.

Asset Acquisition

Acquisition of 8 assets for a total value of € 8.1 million.


Financing of 9 assets under 5 transactions amounting to € 4.0 million.

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