Única Real-Estate

Quality portfolio

The assets of Única Real-Estate portfolio have been carefully selected to obtain the highest return on the investment, at the lowest risk possible. Every investment undergoes a due diligence process as to its financial, legal, real estate and tax situation that enables us to identify the potential risks of each asset under study.


Our management team has wide experience in the real estate business. After serving at one of the leading real estate investment companies of the market, their profound knowledge of this market has enabled them to create and establish a leading company in the commercial property segment.

High profitability

The cautious approach applied to the investment of its asset portfolio and the controlled management of costs allow Única Real-Estate to offer its investors great profitability, both in terms of dividends and portfolio appreciation.

The best time to invest

The recovery of the market, with prices still below the record high of the previous real estate cycle, and with rent consolidating and gradually increasing, makes this an appropriate time to invest in strategically-located commercial properties.

Única Real-Estate assets

Alcalá 183, Madrid
Alcalá 310, Madrid
Augusto Figueroa, Madrid
Goya, Madrid
Goya 30, Madrid
Avda dos de Mayo 23 B

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